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Ph_by: Julien Boudet x @BleuMode

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I have a lot of things on my bucket list, (finally) attending Art Basel in Miami was one big thing on it. I discovered a lot of new things in 2015, from attending my first Coachella, to traveling the first time to Mexico Tulum, Jamaica and then Miami Art Basel two weeks ago. Hands down my favorite trip this year. Fashion Week, who? I always thought, that I am obsessed with the madness that goes down during Fashion Week, no sleep, endless new faces that you meet and all the adrenaline that it gives me, yet I have to say that Art Basel gave me the exact same and even a little bit on top. I have always been into the arts, fashion itself is art. My dad paints and draws since I can remember. I am not sure if I will ever attend another Coachelle, (only with an Artist pass tho) but I will for sure attend another Art Basel. x Julia

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Outfitted by Salvatore Ferragamo