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Ph_by: Julia Miriam Lang

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Christina, the founder and editor of fashion and beauty blog, Le City Kitty talks tattoos and New York with us.

If there is one girl in New York with an eyebrow and tattoo game so strong that no head can stand still than it’s probably Miss Zayas herself. New York means home to her. It is her stomping ground, her playground, her runway, and where she is able to work on her creative side. She continued telling us that she has had the best and the worst moments in New York. She wouldn’t trade that for the world which is something that I can absolutely relate to. I was hypnotized by her tattoos while shooting with her. The obsession started years ago when I first stumbled over her in the worldwide web around 2010. Christina kept telling us that out of all the tattoos she has, there are no regrets. “There are some I wish were done better, but for that there is also Tataway. I have been working with the laser tattoo removal professionals at Tataway to remove two tattoos that were not executed well.”, Christina explained to us. I remembered when I got my first and only tattoo (yes, I regret it) when I was 14 years old on my back which was one of the most painful experiences I had. I was wondering what such a tattoo fan like Christina would tell me about her experience when it comes to pain, Christina goes like this: “I honestly don’t remember the pain threshold of all my tattoos. They seem to get more painful as I go (i.e., my ribs, my elbow, my back and the latest on my foot). At this point I think the scarab on my back was a 10. That was the only tattoo I couldn’t sit through in one session. To see her website updates in fully effect with the latest fashion news, editorials and her personal looks go to Le City Kitty.

Christina is wearing:

H&M Pilot Jacket 

J.Crew Army Shirt
H&M Studio Heels
H&M Full-Finger Ring
Bing Bang Rings