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Ph_by: Anthony Willis / Willis in Focus

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Waking up in New York every single morning still feels surreal to me. Surreal in the best way possible. But if there would be one thing that I could add to make it picture perfect would be to bring my parents and brother over here. I remember very well when we all went to a trip to Budapest earlier this year where my dad and myself chose this white fur hat for me. Him and me both said that it would be a great fit for those freezing days which New York has to offer a lot of. Yet my brother who is a very strict vegan, no he doesn’t touch any leather or fur, was obviously not so amused by the fact that I am wearing real fur. Me myslef, I am vegeterian and try to eat vegan every now and then. I totally get his point and all the shocking videos how animals get treated are frightening me to tears. This might be very contradictive but I love to wear leather and fur oh-so-much, that it seems like a life challenge for me to stop wearing it at all. What are your thoughts on it? Pro real fur? Or would you never even touch it? Feed me with your thoughts and we can may all learn from each other. As much as I learn from my brother, dad and mom every single day.

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Wool Coat: H&M STUDIO AW’14

Jumpsuit: Zara

Denim Blouse: Celine

Sneakers: Adidas

Fur Hat: bought in Budapest