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Ph_by: Erika Dickstein

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Franc Bakon is a New York City based brand and conceptual experience. Each item is a refreshing one of a kind composition of politics, addictions, beliefs and every other perverse condition lurking within our human nature.

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Franc Bakon started making patched denim jacktes, jans and sweat shirts for him or herself in 2005. It all made sense, on a mild fall night, when a friend was wearing the “Stevie Wonder” Bakon original. Everywhere they went people were instantly attracted to the jacket, the seed was planted and the vision became reality.

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Bakon wants you to express your own unique qualities by offering one of a kind hand crafted goods. Just like your finger print no one is the same. the pieces are timeless and be passed on to your love ones. There are many moods that make up one personality and Bakon is fulfilling them with a buffet for the senses.

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Denim Jacket: FRANC BAKON

Denim Shirt: American Apparel

Denim Pants: Zara

Mules: Zara