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Ph_by: Julien Boudet

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So here we go… My very first Coachella. And it was full of up and downs – yet it was a lifetime experience! Overall it’s really all about the people who you are with, it changes everything. I think my highlights, umm, to be honest where can I start. Drake‘s performance was fantastic. I was lucky to watch it with the right people and danced throughout the entire performance. I wished that he wouldn’t had stopped performing at one point. I guess, that’s a very good sign. I was fortunate enough to meet The Weeknd himself and to spend some time in their huge villa right in the middle of the desert. Friday and Sunday were two days to remember. Saturday wasn’t as good but that’s due to the fact that I wanted to be adventurous and went alone to the festival since my whole crew stayed at our house having a pool party. Coachella is surprisingly not really a place to make new friends or at least meet new peeps, yeah very surprisingly. But hey, never a failure always a lesson. It was truly a trip to remember in every single way possible. Much love to my very good friend Nelson Campbell for hosting me at the nicest condo at La Quinta which was extremely close to the festival. Where are you staying, Palm Springs? *jokes*

 I love you Nelly Nel!!!