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Ph_by: Julien Boudet | BleuMode

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When it comes to beauty (which I somehow don’t even talk too much about over here), it all starts with a glowing healthy skin. Some of us are blessed by nature and some of us have to put a little more work into it. Gladly, I never really had to worry too much about my skin, yet we should all take equal care of it. I came across BIOSSANCE some weeks ago and I am hooked since ever then. All you need is 3 drops to make your skin instantly hydrated. It leaves my skin feeling nourished and noticably revitalized. Best part about it, it’s biological. To be able to live in New York City, also means to be able to find out about new products which just have been launched here. If you want to make a difference and let your skin talk beauty, get your own bottle. Don’t forget to leave feedback along the way. I would love to hear about your experience on the road to a glowing skin.

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Product: Biossance

Silk Robe: Oscar De La Renta

Hair: Sirenity Suttles

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